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Sexual objectification and media.

Sexual objectification occurs when a woman’s body, body parts, or sexual functions are isolated from her whole is being treated as an object to be looked at, coveted, or touched.

Women who experience sexual objectification are not limited to personal interactions with strangers or friends but the media has further created circumstances that expose women to sexual objectification, especially considering that more women than men are depicted in the media in a sexually objectifying manner. Advertisements, television shows, movies, music videos, printed media, and pornography all rampantly depict sexually objectifying images of women. Furthermore, they often include characters who engage in sexually objectifying behaviours and include camera shots that place viewers in a sexually objectifying point of view. The sexual objectification of women extends into all corners of culture and society in the world.

Most men were taught at a very early age to view women as prizes to win. The belief that women are trophies still pervades through our culture, whether it’s in the media, education, or simple everyday conversation.

‘When men are taught that an entire gender exists purely to satisfy others’ needs, it dehumanizes millions of people, and it’s very difficult to have empathy for someone that you don’t view as a real person.’ 

Objectification of women is encouraged because women are frequently represented as rewards for men It’s very likely that there are many people, particularly men, who don’t realize that they’re perpetuating a culture that dehumanizes and objectifies women. Its until they inquire about the lives of women that some of them do realize they had been dehumanizing and objectifying women for many years.People(women) should be treated with respect and empathy, not dehumanized and objectified, and we need to be better about representing women more positively in television and media.

Women should be represented as the accomplished people that they are, not empty plot devices.

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